Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turning wounds into trophies!

People in today's world are boggled down with much hurt and brokenness. Our hurt and brokenness is a result of the experiences we have had in our lives- thus leading us to our deepest and inner most of insecurities.

Quite recently in my own faith, God has really been showing me that instead of dwelling on the point of my wounds- I need to take those wounds and turn them into trophies. Ephesians 5:13 says that "All things are made visible when exposed to the light, for that which is made visible becomes light." That is an amazing concept that God can take our wounds and our struggles which are hidden in darkness- expose them by bringing them to the light- and then those some wounds and struggles which were once hidden in darkness can become a light to others.

That is what Christ desires is that we become a light so that we may help others through the wounds and struggles. Often times we allow our wounds and struggles to break us to the point that we feel insufficient to help others. When in reality, God wants us to take the very wounds and struggles that broke us- and use them to motivate us that we may help others who have been and are boggled down by the same.

The best way to make a difference for God's kingdom is to allow those wounds to be translated into your passion. We must realize that God did not bring us out of the darkness simply because he wanted to rescue us. Rather, his calling is far above and beyond that. He wants us to partner with him in being a light to others who are blinded by that same darkness.

For years this has been a struggle of mine. I grew up with the belief that if I ever show myself vulnerable and soft, people will punch a hole right through me. In that selfish mentality, I made a habit of "waxing over" my brokenness hiding my heart away so that no one can see me for who I really am. I would be lying if I said I have fully overcome that mentality. God is still working in me in that regard.

When we live from our hurt, our hurt will mulitply all the more as we will hurt others. When we live from our heart, we begin to embace the fullness and experience the reality of all that God has called us to be. So let us take our wounds and turn them into our passion- and that passion will turn into our trophies as we help lead others out of the darkness in which we ourselves were once blinded and lost.

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