Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Beneath the surface of everyone is a story to tell,
as much is often hidden underneath our veil,
stories of pain and hurt which upon us have been thrust,
hardening our hearts and teaching us not to trust,
which causes us to build walls to hide away our being,
so that into our hearts no one can truly be seeing,
for we've learned that if we show ourselves a hole will be punched through,
and that is why we fear that we can not be true,
But if we listen to the story that Christ wants to tell,
We will learn to trust Him as our masks we unveil,
Then the hurt and pain that upon us has been thrust,
will be taken care of as Him we learn to trust,
and then we will no longer be compelled to hide away our being,
as the love of God living in us is what others will begin seeing,
for if we make ourselves vulnerable to Him He will help us through,
and as we abide in his presence we will bodly be true.

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