Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Letting Go

In this year of my life God wanted to show,
That there are some times I just have to let go,
As friends and family have moved from here to everywhere,
Being distanced from them how could I bear,
They have been taken afar and are no longer here,
While I’m wishing I could still have them near,
We take people for granted when they are close,
It’s not until they move away that we miss them most,
But I know for them God opened a new door,
And in it he plans to reveal himself more,
By taking care of them as they follow His will,
As they trust Him and let Jesus take the wheel,
Knowing they are so far away it is hard to be at ease,
I sometimes plead to God “Would you bring them back please,”
Maybe someday he will which would be great,
But for now that is not their fate,
So I must move on and focus on the here and now,
As I embrace what’s in store for me and the gifts God endows.

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