Monday, April 28, 2008


Much of my life I've tried with my brain,

to find a way that the mysteries of God can be explained,

it was an intricate puzzle I tried so hard to solve,

in doing so my faith began to dissolve,

My faith became more a sense of my own reason,

and my growth spiritually declined through several seasons,

Now I know there are some things that simply can not be known,

as there are mysteries that are not always meant to be shown,

and so we should sit back and embrace the beauty in awe,

while we accept the reality of God's call,

for in all God does and has done he is in control,

so why not trust Him and let Him have our soul,

for when reason and logic begin to rule the day,

we start trusting in our minds doing things our own way,

so if you think faith can be found simply in logic I have to object,

for I've been there and done that and my mind it did infect,

when if we simply place our faith and trust in Him,

we begin to appreciate the wonder and let the beauty sink in,

so for me reason and logic are no longer everything,

for it is the beauty of mystery and wonder that makes my soul sing.

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